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We offer a range of high-quality products for your telecommunication needs. Whether you need a self-supporting tower, a monopole tower, a guyed tower or other tower accessories, we have the right solution for you. Our products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide reliable performance. Contact us today to find out more about our products and how we can help you achieve your goals.
Easy management
Our products are designed to make your life easier. Whether you need to manage your finances, your projects, or your team, we have the right solution for you.
Highly compatible
Our products are designed to work seamlessly with a variety of platforms. You can rely on our products to deliver high-quality performance and compatibility.
Easy to customize
Our products are designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our products are not only high-quality and durable, but also adaptable and versatile.

Guyed Tower

Rohn's 80/90 Series TowersRohn's 80/90 Series Towers are designed specifically for microwave installations, GSM cellular, GSM PCS, other heavy duty communication, TV and FM broadcast, and meteorological equipment installations. This series has a rating for installation up to 2000 feet, using variable size and weight of tubular or solid steel components. The 80/90 series towers are constructed in an equilateral triangular pattern with either steel pipe or solid steel legs and tubular or angle steel cross bracing with bolted construction. The triangular size is 41" on leg centers for the no. 80 tower and 60.5 " on leg centers for the no. 90 tower. The diameter of the tower legs varies to meet the requirements of the installation. This feature permits considerable flexibility in supplying a tower tailored to specifically meet and adequately handle the equipment to be installed.
Features Include:
• time tested design • steel pipe or solid steel leg design • tubular or angle steel cross bracing • for applications to 2000 feet • custom designs, individually engineered • all parts hot dip galvanized after fabrication

Self-supporting Tower

Rohn Self Supporting Towers are in use worldwide for two way communications, microwave, GSM cellular, GSM PCS, public safety, broadcast, STL, surveillance camera mounts, solar power stations, weather stations and high level lighting.Available with a wide variety of pre-designed accessories including platforms, antenna mounts, ladders, lighting accessories, ice shields and safety climbing devices.
Features Include
• time tested design • tubular or solid steel leg design • for applications to 1000 feet • custom designs from pre-engineered sections • all parts hot dip galvanized after fabrication


Rohn offers a variety of pole types to meet your specific communication requirements. Flanged Steel Poles and Tapered Steel Poles feature designs that blend well into the environment and require minimum space for installation.
Flanged Steel Poles
Flanged Steel Poles are easy to handle and install. Precision fitted connections allow quick assembly of modular sections and the top platform, sidearms or mounting frame. Pole sections are available with identical base flange plates, allowing for simplified modifications of mounting heights and antenna reconfigurations when required.
Tapered Steel Poles
Tapered Steel Poles are designed with base diameters from 2 feet to 6 feet. These minimal site requirements lower lease costs. Tapered poles can be installed quickly, while meeting the demands of GSM PCS, GSM cellular, and other applications. All poles are hot dipped galvanized for long lasting corrosion protection and with unmatched attention to detail and design, these poles offer extremely efficient strength to cost ratio.
Features Include:
• infinitely rotatable mounting frame or platform • quick installations • variety of types, for different applications • eights in excess of 200 feet • microwave capable • minimal space requirements • full line of accessories, lights and mounts


In addition to making the highest quality towers, poles, and mounts, Rohn also offers all the hardware and accessories you need to complete the package. From obstruction lighting and safety harnesses to steel tubing and masts, we supply the details to complete the project.
Rohn Obstruction Lighting Kits
Rohn obstruction lighting kits are available for towers up to 1,050 feet and come complete with: 300mm beacons, lighting controls and flashers, obstruction lights, junction boxes, and all wire and conduit as required. These kits meet worldwide standards and regulations.
Beacons are designed for continuous service in all weather conditions. Features include heat resistant lens and tough internal wiring made of heavy insulated, flexible cable.
Regardless of how tall the tower or how your lighting system is configured Rohn has the solid state control system to deliver years of reliable operation
Rohn offers controllers in a wide range of functions including alarm and non-alarm models, each includes in a NEMA 1 cutout box or NEMA 4 weatherproof housing. Rohn-Loc Safety Climbing Device
To protect the tower worker, Rohn provides the Rohn-Loc safety climbing device. With Rohn-Loc you can overcome one of the biggest obstacles facing workers today, the reluctance to use complicated or bulky safety devices. Rohn-Loc is designed for permanent installation on a ladder or step-bolt equipped structure of any kind. It requires no complex assembly or complicated procedures for ordinary use.

We offer high-quality product solutions that are reliable, efficient and innovative.

Contact us today to find out more about our products and how we can help you achieve your goals.
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